Resi's Reduced Fix and Alt Doc Rates

Resi has reduced its rates on the Flexi Options Fixed and the Agility Alt Doc products

Resi Flexi options fixed 2 & 3 year up to 90% LVR 2.99%%

  • Offset account available on all loans including fixed

Product features:

  • NRAS properties up 80% Refinance
  • Construction up to 95% For O/O
  • Construction of up to 4 units on one title
  • O/O lending starting at 3.29% P & I Variable
  • Bridging Finance Servicing on end debt only
  • No Credit Scoring below 80% LVR
  • Investment lending. Starting at 3.59% P & I variable
  • Investment lending up to 90% I/O
  • Offset account available on all loans including fixed

Resi Agility Alt Doc (Lo Doc) product:

Alt Doc special:

One form of supporting income document required for all Alt Doc Products:

  • Accountants Declaration
  • 6 month BAS
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statements

Rates starting at 4.62% for LVR up to 70% and 4.72% for LVR up to 80%

Product Features:

  • Alt Doc funding
  • Defaults and Non-conforming
  • LVR's up to 90% on Alt Doc
  • Business Lending up to 80% LVR when security is by Residential property
  • Unlimited cash out up to 80% LVR

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