Vownet to launch in three states

Vownet is on track for launch to Vow brokers in Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory in mid-to-late February.

The launch will include a training event as well as ongoing support to help everyone get up to speed on the platform quickly and easily.

Stay tuned for more details, plus an update on roll-outs in other states.

Clarification on Empower changes

Last week we circulated an update with regards to commissions paid on the Empower Range of loans funded by Macquarie Bank. Some of the information provided was incorrect. We can confirm that upfront commissions are calculated on the approved facility limit, not the drawn down amount. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Why join Vow Social Golf Club?

Knowledge - An experienced bank of knowledgeable male and female brokers who meet once a month in a healthy and fun environment to exchange ideas.

Connection - they are joined in this environment by a different Lender BDM each month, a Vow BDM and occasionally our very own GM, Clive Kirkpatrick.
In fact, only a limited number of lenders can attend the meetings in a calendar year. There are many more that don't gain entry but would like to.

Longevity - that this group has been meeting without interruption since January 2007. It has survived continuously, because of their experience & knowledge through the many changes in membership, management and ownership.

Unique - that this group is unique to the Mortgage and Finance Industry in Australia and is the only group of its kind.
Membership is restricted to Vow Brokers, management & support staff only and annual membership costs $150.00. This includes the social club shirt & hat along with the many prizes to be won at the golf meetings. The club meets in Sydney but we often play with interstaters, and would welcome the launch of chapters in other states.

What are the main benefits of membership?
- You will be mixing with over 20 experienced & knowledgeable brokers & Lender BDM's with more than 30yrs each in finance & business development.
- Professional and Personal Development & Better Health
- Where else can you get 4-5 hrs of one on four time with this knowledge & experience bank of finance & lender specialists?
- Have a much-needed break from your office once a month
- Make new and valuable contacts that will become your friends and share their knowledge and experience to help you in your business.

We welcome new members and beginners, this is not a club for elite golfers - it is a club for all brokers, male and female, of all races and religions.
For more information Contact any of the following:

James Aitchison 0438 274 713 j.aitchison@premiumbroker.com.au
Wendy Hoang 0403 434 157 whoang@totallymortgage.com.au
Lara Watt 0438 190 599 lara@headstartfs.com.au
Jeff Wong 0418 975 402 jeff.wong8@yahoo.com

Lender Updates

Changes to ANZ Accreditation

To improve the efficiency of ANZ's broker accreditation processes, they have made some changes, effective 5th March 2018.

All new applicants for accreditation must complete our online accreditation module. ANZ will no longer accept face to face accreditations
ANZ broker codes and access to our systems will not be granted until the online accreditation module and associated assessments are completed
Once the broker codes and access to our systems have been granted, face to face training with an ANZ BDM may be organised, however this is not mandatory

NAB Small Business Specials

NAB has launched a price offering to brokers for new Business Options Loan applications for a 3 month period. It is applicable to Business Option Loans between $250,000 and $1m.

Take advantage of NAB's pre-qualifying tool, FAST Track Credit Approvals, Single Credit Decision (Business and Home Lending), and dedicated BDMs and business bankers.

Click here for details.