Compliance on Audit Briefing

Following earlier communications, we are in the process of transferring credit audits across to an internal audit team. Both Zee Aboushamat and Phillipa Stephens are the managers of this team and are responsible for any communications related to the audit programme.

We have recently engaged with an external firm called Australian Independent Compliance Solutions (AICS) to assist with the transition. The firm is responsible for managing investigative audits where file anomalies have been identified as well as assisting with the audit programme workload as and when required. In addition, the firm will assist with reviewing governance and compliance structures for larger groups that hold their own Australian Credit Licence (ACL).

The AICS team supports both YBR and Vow and have over 30 years corporate governance experience in the financial services and credit assistance sectors. The team specialise in wealth and credit compliance and have previously worked as authorised representative which allows them to have a commercial and practical approach to compliance. The team is comprised of Cheyenne Walker, Claire Stoker and Evan Holm and they have now completed all necessary agreements including confidentiality.