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Assetline: Timing is everthing in today's market

A Horizon Mortgage by Assetline Capital can help reduce stress for you and your clients.

With direct access to decision makers, fast turnaround times and the support of an experienced credit team, Assetline Capital is there with you at every stage of the process.

We'll use our finance and property expertise to set you - and your clients - up for success with transparency at every stage.

Want to find out more about our long-term Horizon Mortgages? Please get in touch by phone or by booking a call here:

La Trobe Updated Broker Product Guide

Click here to view the updated La Trobe Financial Broker Product Guide effective 24 May 2023.

Interest rates listed within the new Broker Product Guide are effective immediately and are to apply to all loans yet to be formally approved.

Exciting new changes for Resi Essential Options Products!

What's Changing?

1. 90% rental income allowance (10% shading)

Rental income shading has been reduced from 20% to 10%.

This applies across our entire Essentials product range, meaning for investment property scenarios we will be able to lend your clients more!

2. Prime Alt Doc Loan size / LVR matrix changes

You told us that our loan sizes needed to increase, especially in the capital cities. And we listened. As a result of this feedback, the loan size and LVR limits have been lifted for Prime Alt Doc, up to $2m (for Metro locations)*.

The new loan size limits in place:

3. Living expense requirements streamlined

Based on your feedback, we are introducing changes to streamline the Living Expense verification process. We'll do this by reducing the instances where you need to provide us with Bank Statements.

Rather than bank statements being required on these products when the NSR falls below 1.25:1, we have introduced a simple annual surplus approach which reduces the instances where bank statements are required - to understand this update, contact your relevant BDM

4. Streamlining our processes to speed up turnaround times including modifications to ASIC searches, PAYG verifications and credit history explanations.

Our new servicing calculator is linked in this article.

Other changes being introduced today, include:

  • Aggregation limits are increasing.
  • Removal of genuine savings requirements for loans above 90% LVR. More details will follow soon.

Look out for our next announcement on the policy enhancements and for more information, please see our website, alternatively please contact broker support or your BDM.