Recently at the conference, we announced the launch of Vow Professional - our groundbreaking new learning platform.

You told us that you wanted professional development that's engaging, relevant and can be done anywhere, anytime. Vow Professional is our solution.

This interactive hub will provide bite-sized learning that helps you become a better broker and a better business person. From compliance through to marketing, Vow Professional gives you the knowledge you need to succeed.

We've partnered with Open Colleges, a global leader in e-learning, to make sure our content some to life through technology.

If you'd like to check it out, you can log in and get set up. Take a look around and get started on your learning journey.

Instructions on how to login to Vow Professional:

Please login using your VOW Financial email address, using the password Password123! Once you've logged in please don't forget to set up a unique password in your Account Settings. The platform can be accessed via your smartphone so you can view it on the go.

First, set up your profile, including your picture, and add interesting information about you. Next, access the tiles on the homepage to browse available learning modules.


Vownet, powered by Salestrekker, will provide a cutting-edge CRM for your business

At today's conference, we were excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive fintech solution that will boost your efficiency and make your workflow easier.

Step into the future with Vownet

Vownet is a lending platform that automates key steps in the loan advice process, provides digital customer engagement and can be customised to individual business needs.

Vownet is built around a series of critical stages in the customer journey. Starting with a digital fact find, through to settlement and then customer care, Vownet makes the process seamless.

Deals are all visible in the one screen, while user-friendly pipeline management triggers automated workflow steps. The result is a more efficient process that delivers a better experience for your customers, and makes compliance and record-keeping easier.

The industry's best technology

When I took on this role almost a year ago, you told me that you needed Vow to invest in improving the technology you use every day.

It's not just about loan selection or deal management or marketing - it's all of these things, and more. Each aspect flows through to the efficiency of your business.

We're confident that this is the most sophisticated lending platform in the market, and based on the feedback we've already received, you're going to love it.

We looked at all the options in in the market, and Salestrekker provided the best solution for our needs. It's a big decision to move, but we know it's the right one.

Vownet Key features:

  • Digital fact-find - including ability for clients to electronically sign documents
  • Pipeline management - drag-and-drop digital whiteboard to track deals
  • Marketing integration - SMS & email / campaigns & triggers
  • Document creation - simple to create new, custom-branded templates
  • Communications integration - email and video conference
  • Data validation - Veda / Core Logic / Bank Statements
  • White label - to brokers and customers

The transition to Vownet will be conducted over the first half of 2018. We will be piloting it in the coming quarter - if you're interested in participating please email

We look forward to sharing more details about Vownet in coming months.

Clive Kirkpatrick

General Manager